A. Terry’s How-to Book for Blog Tours is a Recipe for Success!


Just when I think I’m learning what it means to promote and publicize a book I’ve published, I’m thrown for a loop. I hadn’t heard about blog tours until recently. I’d always assumed that when the time came I’d find an affordable company to do it for me. Then I read How to Promote Your Book With A Blog Tour by A. Terry and I wondered why I shouldn’t be trying to do this on my own.

Terry’s How to Promote Your Book With A Blog Tour is an easy to follow step-by-step guide to planning, booking, tracking and wrapping up your blog tour. The book suggests materials you might collect prior to this endeavour, how to contact prospective bloggers, and alternatives to simple requests for reviews. Terry provides links to important sites and online exemplars. There is even a template for querying prospective blog tour hopefuls that I’ve used and find it works quite well, with a little modification.

I’m still in the process of organizing my tour.  At present, after approximately a week of sending out queries, I have four stops on my tour booked. Whether or not it works out will not be for lack of trying on my part.

Bottom line? A. Terry’s How to Promote Your Book With A Blog Tour is a recipe for success, sure to help ambitious, resourceful and persistent authors rise to the occasion of going it alone when it comes to planning and executing their book blog tours.

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