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Become an online review-collecting sensation

Book Cover

How to Get Honest Reviews

As an author, I can tell you that one of the hardest things is to get reviews for your work. When soliciting friends, relatives and social media followers, comes up nil, what does one do? How to Get Honest Reviews by Shelley Hiltz and Heather Hart is a detailed and precise guide that might help answer that question for authors in their pursuit of reviews for their work.

In their book, Hiltz and Hart leave no digital stone unturned for their readers. How to Get Honest Reviews is a catalogue of places and practical strategies anyone can immediately set into action in their search for reviewers. Of particular interest is the section on how to set up a book review program. Here, the authors include step-by-step instructions for everything from establishing a mailing list to templates to use and adapt to communicate with program participants.

Hiltz and Hart’s writing style is user-friendly and informative which makes for easy reading (if you ignore the awkward “I (author’s name)”  syntax used to introduce which of the two has written the current section). How to Get Honest Reviews makes readers feel as if, with a little elbow grease, they can become an online review-collecting sensations.

Please note that I was provided this book free by the authors in exchange for my honest review.