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The Writing Life

Publishing online is not easy. There are a lot of questions that continue to frustrate me. Why, if I’m a Canadian writing a book that takes place in Canada, is my Kindle book listed on Amazon.com but not on on Amazon.ca? Where do I send people to order my CreateSpace publish-on-demand novel? Why, since CreateSpace and Amazon are essentially the same company, does Amazon not offer the print version of my book?  Why does CreateSpace require an EIN number (American Employee Identification Number), while other services do not? Why does the iBookstore require I have a Mac computer before I can upload an eBook, yet I can distribute it at the iBookstore via Lulu without one? And how long does it take for it to be published at the iBookstore (and for the “pending” status to be removed)?

And then there are the questions that have nothing to do with the actual publishing, but with the publicity aspect of publishing. Where can I send my press release so that it actually gets published in the print media? What do I post to my blog or web page or Twitter feed or Facebook page, Pintrest, Google+, etc. that will make people take notice? How many social media outlets are too many to which to subscribe? How many online eBook publishers? What is a good price point at which to set my eBook? My paperback?

The learning curve for this experience has definitely skyrocketed, and it continues to soar with each new day. It’s been almost a week and I still haven’t lost my sales virginity yet. I’m hoping to get all of the kinks out this time around and make any mistakes I’m going to make now so that the process will be smooth sailing for the next time.

I’m Published!

My hands were literallly shaking as I entered the information on the Kobo Writing Life web page. I have resisted self-publishing for many years, but I resolved myself to give it a go. My first book, Phase Shift, is now officially published as and E-book at KoboBooks.com (at least it will be within the next 24 to 48 hours). I decided that this was not a venture about money, but one about building an audience. The more books I sell (at a moderately priced CDN$6.99), the more people will purchase and read and then then I can go to a publisher with my next manuscript and audience in tow.

The synopsis of this book goes like this:

Two planets, Earth and Gaia, co-exist in the same space-time though slightly out of phase. When archaeologists find an artifact allowing them to travel between the two worlds, they discover that environmental issues on both planets have caused the planets’ phase variances to grow more alike. Upon exploring Gaia, they realize trade between the planets has been ongoing for decades, and the act of traveling between the worlds only serves to bring the phase variances closer together.  It’s up to the archaeologists, together with scholars from Gaia, to do what they can to stop the impending disaster.

I will post again with the ISBN number once I get it (in 3 – 6 business days) and a link to the page so you can purchase it if you wish. I appreciate any and all feedback. In future novels, I have cast Robert Carlyle in the part of Palmer Richardson, though for this one, it was another actor. I’d love to hear your opinion of how Mr. Carlyle might bring life to this role.

This is exciting. The first glimpse of My Own Little Storybrooke will soon be published. Unlike the OUAT Storybrooke, all visitors are welcome!