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AI Images

Bringing your characters to life.

I’ve been experimenting with AI text, but I’ve heard a lot about AI image generators of late, so I thought I might try one. I used Gencraft to generate images of characters from Revamped that joined the world of Braelynn’s Birthright in Book 2: Fallen Angel, and the results were gorgeous!

Here’s what the AI image generator came up with:

Piers Westenra

AI generated image of vampire Piers Westenra

Piers makes his first appearance in Revamped when Pru wanders into Stoker’s Bar after suffering a bout of amnesia. She is immediately drawn to him and with good reason: they are bonded. Piers turned her more than 100 years ago. He is instrumental in helping her regain her memory.

Braelynn is similarly mesmerized by him when she finds her way to Stoker’s after a rough evening cleansing a house of malevolent spirits. She goes to the bar to unwind, inadvertently placing the Revamped characters in danger.

Prudence (Pru) Hightower

AI generated image of vampire Prudence Hightower

Pru is the vampire side of Addison Haney, a young woman who wakes up in the hospital with amnesia. She later learns that she was once a vampire but has undergone a change to make her human. The problem is that her vampire essence is still out there somewhere, killing people. Can she be reunited with her vampire half? More importantly, does she want to be?

In Fallen Angel, we see what has happened to Pru after the events of Revamped. She is getting along quite nicely, and though her attitude leaves something to be desired, her bark is worse than her bite.

Percival Stoker

AI generated image of vampire hunter Percival Stoker

Percival is the brains (and a little of the brawn) behind the archives at Stoker’s Bar. The bar property has been passed down for generations, but what goes on in the storefront isn’t as important as what happens deep beneath it. There, Percival maintains a library and archive of the supernatural and the paranormal. In Revamped, Percival uses his amazing collection to figure out how to reunite Addison and Pru.

In Fallen Angel, Percival takes Braelynn under his wing and introduces him to his archives. There, they forge a partnership that might extend beyond the academic and into the romantic. Together, along with the help or Piers, Pru, and Braelynn’s friends, they try to figure out how to vanquish the fallen angel threatening the existence of humankind.

Stoker’s Bar

Just for fun, I tried to generate an image of Stoker’s Bar. These are the best images the software came up with, although it seems to have had trouble with the lettering above the door. I think the one on the left really captures the Goth-like nature I describe in the book. In Fallen Angel, the bar is a happening place at night, but it loses some of its polish in the daylight.

Playing with AI to create portraits of my characters was so much fun!

Stay tuned to catch other glimpses into my fictional world.