Phase Shift

Phase Shift by Elise Abram

Phase Shift by Elise Abram

When Archaeologist and University of Toronto Professor Molly McBride is given a strange collection of artifacts by a museum patron, she feels compelled to investigate. She discovers that one of the artifacts is the key to another world, a doppelganger Earth called Gaia. Life on Gaia seems idyllic at first, but Molly soon learns the society harbours a dark secret. Renegades on Gaia have built a stronghold on Earth in which they are able to carry out experiments with terraforming and phase shifting. But the more the renegades shift, the more damage they do to both planets, and the gap between the planets narrows. Can Molly and her Gaian allies prevent the impending cataclysm?

What is Archaeology?

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What readers are saying about Phase Shift:

…fast-paced, entertaining science fiction…

–Publisher’s Weekly [Read more…]

In Phase Shift, Elise Abram explores a fascinating premise…

–Dora McAlpin, Amazon Reviewer

Elise Abram has written an entertaining…sci fi/mystery combo. The pacing is comfortably fast, the dialog is convincing, and the developing plot is interesting…very entertaining and well-written.

–C. McCallum, Amazon Reviewer

To be honest, I don’t usually write reviews. This is actually my first … but this story has moved me in a way that compelled me to voice my thoughts. I felt an immediate affection for the young boy who is the introduction to the book and to another world, one where he clearly does not belong.

The story was so skilfully written, that I forgot I was reading and found myself becoming lost in the story. The characters have depth and are very “real”.

–“Zabri”, Amazon Reviewer

…An intriguing cast of characters and vivid descriptions that suck you into the story. I loved Molly McBride…

–Leah Hodge, Amazon Reviewer

The words pretty much flew off the page. Elise Abram’s writing style is very natural and easy to digest.

–Heather C. Pritchett, Amazon Reviewer

Sharp, smart and intriguing–what more could you want?

–Otis, Amazon Reviewer

Elise Abram has managed to make me feel like writing again, after many years. I felt the first glimmer even before I finished the prologue. I think it was the masterful writing, plus this fantastic story!

–The Reb, Amazon Reviewer

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