Carrington Pulitzer

Everyone’s playing the Carrington Pulitzer Revelation Chronicles Online Extended Playpack, including Bethany Wallace. No sooner has she beat the game than CSIS Agents Quinto and Nimoy show up on her doorstep (because that’s not fishy). Their offer: serve her government by finding stolen and hidden secrets in the game.

When Bethany accepts, she’s plunged into a Matrix-like, virtual reality. Aided by friends Cole, Glen, Tariq, and Denis, she navigates the world plagued by ginormous spiders, zombies, and jellyfishnados. When some of her friends are killed only to show up later in the game in different roles, Bethany realizes she’s not just in any old video game—she’s in a Carrington Pulitzer video game.

And she’s playing the part of her hero, Carrington Pulitzer!

Bethany and her remaining friends continue on their quest to find the missing documents, but when Bethany dies and wakes up in a strange hospital room, she learns there’s more to her adventure than the CSIS agents have let on.

Through it all, Bethany is left asking the only question that will help her survive her ordeal:

What would Carrington Pulitzer do?

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