Middle Grade Fiction

Operation: Blueberry Pancake

Morgan is thrilled when her teacher assigns her Science project: to plant and grow a blueberry bush. All she dreams about is the fluffy, juicy blueberry pancakes she’ll make with the harvest. She plants the blueberry bush but awakes the next day to find it’s been stolen. With the help of her best friend, Kyra, Morgan sets out to investigate the theft of her blueberry bush, but they soon discover there’s a thief in the neighbourhood, and no one’s plants or lawn ornaments are safe. Will Morgan ever find her blueberry bush? Will she ever get to taste her mother’s famous blueberry pancakes made with her very own blueberries?

Read Operation: Blueberry Pancake to find out!

Curious to know what happened to Morgan’s blueberry bush along the way? Don’t miss Blueberry’s Big Adventure included as a bonus story!

Also inside: Morgan’s Mother’s Famous Blueberry Pancake Recipe!

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