The Shape of Stories: A Comprehensive Guide for Fiction Writers

In the magnum opus of her teaching career, seasoned English teachers , author, editor, and publisher Elise Abram curates a collection of lesson plans and techniques related to the craft of writing.

Abram’s method uses mentor texts to demonstrate elements of the art of storytelling, including crafting believable characters, gripping plots, and finding your author’s voice. Each lesson includes a number of writing exercises, exemplars, and self-assessment checklists to help you assess your progress as you complete the assigned tasks, building upon previous lessons as you hone your writing chaps. 

  • Use mentor texts to read like a writer
  • Practice showing and not telling
  • Construct believable characters
  • Pen plots that keep the reader turning pages
  • Experiment with different points of view
  • Blog and journal about your experience
  • Self-edit your work

Learn about the elements of storytelling from past and present masters of fiction as you study their techniques and apply what you learn to your own writing. Discover your writing style as you complete the activities in this course as you learn how to shape stories worthy of publication.

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15 Practical Ideas for Teaching Context in Literature

15 Practical Ideas for Teaching Context in Literature contains 15 creative lesson plans for introducing the context of literature to give students a better understanding of what might have influenced an author when writing. This is no standard author study! Rather, it is a way for students to make text-to-text, text-to-self, and text-to-text connections in a unique way, grounded in critical inquiry. Teaching context in literature is a way to show students that authors are just ordinary people who have found their voices, and it encourages them to do the same, voicing their opinions as they complete a close read of the text.

Available at Amazon. Free sample lesson available at Teachers Pay Teachers.

22 Practical Ideas: Web 2.0 Teacher’s Toolkit

22 Practical Ideas: Web 2.0 Teacher’s Toolkit contains 22 tried and true ideas and lesson plans for integrating online interactive and creativity tools for high school and middle school. By implementing these ideas as a part of your lesson, teachers will see an uptick in student engagement, interaction, communication, accountability, and most importantly, creativity. Integrating a variety of Web 2.0 apps in the classroom enriches students’ learning experiences and encourages them to be contributors to the Internet, shaping the media that is so ingrained in their day-to-day experiences.

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