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Creating Smiles for Africa: Adamma’s Story

Adamma was born in the town of eThekweni near Durban North, South Africa.

Her name means beautiful child, but Adamma does not feel beautiful…

Life is a journey, rougher for some than others. This is especially true of children who, like Adamma, have a cleft lip, nose, and/or palate. But there is hope. Clinics like the Wentworth Foundation and people like Dr. Sikki and his team are working to help these children feel like everyone else by giving them back their smiles. A portion of the sales of this book will be donated to the Wentworth Foundation to help fund their excellent work.

Adamma was born with a cleft lip and palate. This means she has a slit in her lip that everyone can see. Adamma is bullied, and no one wants to be friends with her because of the way she looks. Some of the people in her village are even afraid of her! All Adama wants is to be like the other children, and she finally gets that chance when she is referred to Dr. Sikki at the Wentworth Foundation Clinic in Durban North, South Africa.

Join Adamma on her adventure from eThekweni, South Africa to meet Dr. Sikki where her dream of having a beautiful smile will come true.

Creating Smiles for Africa: Adamma’s Story is available at Amazon (paperback and eBook).

Heddy is Sad

Heddy is Sad is an excellent book for educating children, youth, parents, friends, and caregivers how to recognize when someone is suffering with depression and how to support a loved one in need.

Available at Amazon (hard coverpaperback and eBook).

Harry has a Lot of Energy

All too often, we focus on the negatives that come with a diagnosis of ADHD. It’s time that changed, and we begin to focus on the positives. Harry has a lot of Energy is an amazing book for helping children, youth, parents, and caregivers who have first-hand experience with ADHD to see the positives to this unique condition.

Available at Amazon (hard coverpaperback and eBook).

Luna is Afraid of Storms

Luna the Unicorn is afraid of storms. She hides at the first sign of a storm, covers her ears, closes her eyes, and waits until it passes. Luna imagines all sorts of horrible things happening during the storm until one day, all of that changes.

Astraphobia, an extreme fear of thunderstorms, can be debilitating at times. Most children outgrow their fear of storms, but until that happens, every dark cloud can cause anxiety and fear. Luna is Afraid of Storms is a great book to help children come to terms with their own fears or unease when it comes to storms alongside Luna as she does the same.  

Available at Amazon (paperback and eBook).

Luna has Nothing To Do

Reading a book in and of itself is a great way to stay occupied, but Luna has Nothing to do will spark your child’s imagination, suggesting wonderfully fun ideas he or she can do to stave off boredom while staying inside.

Available at Amazon (paperback and eBook).