Adult Fiction

Chicken or Egg: A Love Story?

You can’t hurry love. You also can’t cultivate it over successive manipulations of the timeline. After inventing a time machine, Nigel and Daniel dance a tango through time as they vie for Paula’s affections.

Doctoral candidate Nigel Trumble and engineering student Daniel Posner develop the Arch, a machine that creates a portal letting them travel through time. To celebrate, they go to a campus pub where they meet Paula Carson, a lonely undergrad. She’s charmed by Nigel at first, but then Daniel rushes in to sweep her off her feet.

What’s a socially awkward doctoral student with a time machine to do but go back in time to try to woo her back? Only this time, he has to figure out a way to keep Daniel out of the equation.

Things are looking up for Nigel when Daniel takes an experimental leap through time only to develop a brain aneurysm, but when the university finds out his illness was caused by the Arch,

they commandeer the project. The only way Nigel can take hold of the situation is to travel back in time, but each iteration only serves to complicate matters further.

How many times will Nigel have to reset time before he wins Paula’s affections? Given the way Paula changes with each iteration, will she want anything to do with either one of them when the truth comes out?

Chicken or Egg: A Love Story is available at Amazon (paperback and eBook), B & N, Apple Books, and Rakuten Kobo.


Addison Haney finds herself in a psychiatric ward with amnesia after suffering an unknown traumatic event. Upon returning home from a woman’s shelter under the care of Seph, her assigned social worker, Addison finds a matchbook sending her to Stoker’s, a local Goth club where she crosses paths with Piers. Addie feels a powerful connection to Piers that she can’t explain, and she’s sure their relationship predates her amnesia, but no-one, neither Piers, nor Seph, nor Piers’ lackey, Percival, is talking.

Addison embarks on a quest to figure out who she was and her life begins to unravel. Addison suffers from a strange photosensitivity to the sun, Piers is never around during the day, Percival knows more than he’s letting on, and Seph—with whom she also feels a deep and powerful connection—is not registered with social services. If that’s not bad enough, people around her start to die horrible, bloody deaths.

What, exactly, was her life like before the amnesia? Who are Piers, Seph, and Percival? What is the deep, dark secret they are hiding from her? More importantly, how are the misty cloud of fog following her, the string of murders, and Addison all connected?

Revamped is available at Amazon (paperback and eBook), B & N, Apple Books, and Rakuten Kobo.

The Nexus and Other Stories

science fiction short stories with zombies, ghosts, aliens, clones

Aliens, ghosts, clones, zombies, vampires, nightmares come to life, teleportation…

There are more things in heaven and earth than modern man will ever know or understand.

The Nexus

They say be careful what you wish for. Meet Josef Schliemann, noted expert in pseudo-archaeology who sponsors a dig beneath a historic church in downtown Toronto. Said to have been built on a tract of land sacred to prehistoric Indigenous peoples living the in the area the secrets of the site have been lost to time. Will Josef survive when he finds the object of his desire?

 A Morgan by Any Other Name

In a future where cloning has been perfected—sort of—Rachel, a Morgan model, should have the world at her feet, but she’s not happy. What is the one thing a teenage clone desires?

At the Mere Thought Of

 What happens when your worst nightmare comes true? Businessman Crane is about to find out.

The Circle of Life

Bob wakes up the night after attending a wild rave to find he’s not himself. He wakes up, buried alive, and hungry…for flesh. 

One book, thirteen stories.

In The Nexus and Other Stories, science fiction author Elise Abram explores the myths of the modern world. 

The Nexus and Other Stories is available at Amazon (paperback and eBook), B & N, Apple Books, and Rakuten Kobo.

The Mummy Wore Combat Boots

mummy, archaeology, police procedural, toronto, gaming

The Sandy Hook School shooting, the Colorado movie theatre massacre…was online gaming to blame?

Psychologists believe that engaging in violent virtual gaming desensitises the player and dehumanises opponents. When the division between what is real and what is virtual becomes unclear, the results can be catastrophic.

When forensic anthropologist Palmer Richardson is called to investigate an uncatalogued sarcophagus found in storage at the Royal Ontario Museum, he has his work cut out for him. Upon investigation, he discovers the mummy inside is that of a teenage boy and involves Detective Constable Michael Crestwood of the Metropolitan Toronto Police.

Their investigation delves into the world of online gaming, where losing health points in a skirmish could have serious implications for a player’s life in the real world.

Inspired by real-life headlines, The Mummy Wore Combat Boots highlights the growing divide between children who live their lives immersed in a digital culture and the adults tasked with raising them who live in the real world.

The Mummy Wore Combat Boots is available at Amazon (paperback and eBook), B & N, Apple Books, and Rakuten Kobo.

Phase Shift

When Archaeologist and University of Toronto Professor Molly McBride is given a strange collection of artifacts by a museum patron, she feels compelled to investigate. She discovers that one of the artifacts is the key to another world, a doppelganger Earth called Gaia. Life on Gaia seems idyllic at first, but Molly soon learns the society harbours a dark secret. Renegades on Gaia have built a stronghold on Earth in which they are able to carry out experiments with terraforming and phase shifting. But the more the renegades shift, the more damage they do to both planets, and the gap between the planets narrows. Can Molly and her Gaian allies prevent the impending cataclysm?

Phase Shift is available at Amazon (paperback and eBook), B & N, Apple Books, and Rakuten Kobo.