Dexter Meets Game of Thrones

blade of destroyer coverIn Blade of the Destroyer: The Last Bucelarii Book I (Volume 1) by Andy Peloquin, the Hunter is an nameless hunter of many faces with one directive – to hunt and kill his prey. His one faithful companion is Soulhunger, a dagger with supernatural powers, urging him to kill. The Hunter is an immortal with no memory, no match, no family ties; the perfect assassin. But when he becomes entangled with The Bloody Hand and the Dark Heresy, he may have met his match. Before he knows it, the Hunter has become the hunted, and long lost memories roil to the surface. Will the Hunter live to kill another day?

I have to admit fantasy’s not usually my favourite genre, but Peloquin’s nudged me one step more toward it. Blade of the Destroyer had me hooked from the first pages, probably because I like the idea of telling the story from the point of view of an anti-hero, hence the comparison to Jeff Lindsay’s Dexter. As an author, I found creative satisfaction in the notion of alchemical masks, made of a clay that molds to one’s face and which cannot be identified as false face.  Just when you think the narrator must be the most heinous person on earth, Peloquin introduces some even more villainous than the villain, and the reader begins to wonder if the Hunter is strong enough to survive, not just one, but five foes that make up the order of The Bloody Hand.

In Blade of the Destroyer, Peloquin sets up a flawless, medieval world (hence the comparison to Game of Thrones), centring on the city of Voramis and stretching beyond.  The Hunter is more than a mindless killing machine. Rather, he is a living, breathing person to be pitied, for he is all alone in this world. If not done with care, writing the mind of a killer could be off-putting. Instead, Peloquin has created a creature that, in spite of his career choice (which may be more ordained than chosen), evokes pathos in the reader. Congratulations to Peloquin for his creation.

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Note: I was gifted an eCopy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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