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Extant casts wide net; may come up empty

It’s Alien. It’s ET. It’s Predator. It’s AI. It’s Extant, and it’s having trouble deciding what it wants to be. [Tweet “#Extant is having trouble deciding which #SciFi sub-#genre it wants to be.”] Extant is the story of astronaut Molly … Continue reading

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Abraham the Vampire Slayer? Review of “Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”

I had the opportunity to catch Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter on Space last night and I was surprisingly impressed. What I thought was going to be a campy movie turned out to be entertaining with amazing CGI. In case you … Continue reading

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Overcoming Writer’s Doubt

This blog post represents my entry in the “Overcoming Writer’s Doubt” Writing Contest held by The Positive Writer. [Tweet “Read Elise Abram’s entry in the “Overcoming Writer’s Doubt” #Writing #Contest.”] “I wish I could write like that,” I said to my husband. … Continue reading

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Literary Devices from A to Z – Brought to you by the letter F

      is for Foil       Foils are characters that have opposing character traits and motivations. An example of foils from classical literature are Macbeth and Macduff from William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. In this example, Macbeth is driven … Continue reading

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