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Revenants are Real!

On 19 June 15, the Ancient Origins website published an article by Mark Miller entitled “Ancient Greeks apparently feared zombies so much they weighed down the dead“.  In his article, Miller says ancient inhabitants of the island of Sicily feared … Continue reading

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Meet the Revenant

My name is Zulu. I died when I was thrown from a horse on my way to elope with my girl. Then I woke up. I haven’t aged a day since. Before long I realized I had super powers–incredible speed, … Continue reading

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Literary Devices from A to Z – Brought to you by the letter G

      is for Genre       Genre is used to describe types of literature. Some examples are science fiction, young adult, supernatural, thriller, adventure, and police procedural. In the genre of science fiction, authors take current social … Continue reading

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This is not 50 FIRST DATES!

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This is not 50 FIRST DATES! Christine spends the first hours of each day reading in her journal and the rest of it recording what happens to her as it happens so she will remember it tomorrow. The victim of … Continue reading

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