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How NOT to make a book trailer

For years I thought that if I were ever in a position to need a book trailer I’d be independently wealthy and could hire a professional to do it for me. Barring that, I’d use Flash. I have a basic … Continue reading

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Literary Devices from A to Z – Brought to you by the letter I

      is for Imagery       Imagery refers either to vivid, sensory description in writing or a recurring image linked to themes or symbols. One example of the latter occurs in Macbeth when Shakespeare uses clothing imagery … Continue reading

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“The Other Typist” – Flappers gone wild

In her job as stenographer for the police department, The Other Typist‘s Rose Baker is forced to hear a number of graphic and sometimes gruesome confessions not suitable for a woman’s ears. Rose is a prim and proper young woman … Continue reading

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This is not 50 FIRST DATES!

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This is not 50 FIRST DATES! Christine spends the first hours of each day reading in her journal and the rest of it recording what happens to her as it happens so she will remember it tomorrow. The victim of … Continue reading

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