Publisher’s Weekly Review of PHASE SHIFT by Elise Abram

Phase Shift by Elise Abram

Phase Shift by Elise Abram

In this fast-paced, entertaining science fiction cum murder mystery cum environmental cautionary tale, Molly McBride, a young Professor of Archaeology at the University of Toronto, embarks on the adventure of her life when she fills in for her husband at the Antiques Roadshow. Stanley Hume, has unearthed a box from his garden and asks Professor McBride to analyze its contents. A bright blue aluminum coin, a weathered photograph depicting two men, silver cigarette case with an oddly distorted map of the world inside, and “something circular in shape that looks like a garage door opener.” This turns out to be a “modulator,” which transports Molly to the planet Gaia where she meets beings who were involved with an Earthling name Dr. Spencer Prescott, who just happened to have been at the U of T long ago. The Gaians are seemingly happy to meet a new being able to bridge the gap between the two worlds – two worlds that a one time were one. But not everyone is pleased. Some Gaians want to destroy the Earth and its disastrous environmental policies, while others are trying to work with Earth to clean up its act (such as GaiaCorp, an environmental conglomerate that produces environmental friendly solutions, and is run by Gaians). When Hume is murdered, Molly becomes the prime suspect. Everything comes together with a “Saving the World Symposium,” organized by Molly. Unfortunately, Molly is not following the rules put forth by those who want to destroy Earth so she must be destroyed. She survives, but at the close of the work, it’s not certain if Earth will. Can cataclysm be far off?

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