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Phase Shift

Two planets, Earth and Gaia, co-exist in the same space-time though slightly out of phase. When archaeologists find an artifact allowing them to travel between the two worlds, they discover that environmental issues on both planets have caused the planets’ phase variances to grow more alike. Upon exploring Gaia, they realize trade between the planets has been ongoing for decades, and the act of travelling between the worlds only serves to bring the phase variances closer together. It’s up to the archaeologists, together with scholars from Gaia, to do what they can to stop the impending disaster. [Read more…]


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The Mummy Wore Combat Boots

An uncatalogued mummy sarcophagus is discovered in the holdings of the Royal Ontario Museum. Forensic Anthropologist Dr. Palmer Richardson is called in to consult on the identification of the remains. This novella features Dr. Palmer Richardson, protagonist of Phase Shift. [Read More…]





Throwaway Child

The skeleton of a young girl is found beneath the cement basement floor in an abandoned Victorian in Toronto. On duty is Detective Constable Michael Crestwood who contacts forensic anthropologist Dr. Palmer Richardson to assist in the investigation. What they uncover is the story of a six year old Cree girl, stolen from her family, warehoused in a government run facility and then forgotten.

In a story with ties to current headlines, THROWAWAY CHILD explores the injustice experienced by two girls imprisoned in a mid-twentieth century residential school and the tragic fallout ensuing as a result of one girl’s need to find a home. This novella features Molly McBride and her husband, Dr. Palmer Richardson, protagonists of Phase Shift. [Read More…]

A Grave Situation

Sam Roeper missed his wife something awful. Maybe it wasn’t so much his wife missing that bothered him, as much as what was missing since she’d left. Regular meals, for one. The mass exodus of dust bunnies from under the furniture, for another. Hospital corners, pressed sheets, the smell of fresh baked goods wafting from the kitchen every weekend. Sadly, these were all things of the past since Mrs. Roeper left. Only one thing in Sam’s life had gotten better since that day: Sam’s garden out back. Here, tulips bloomed, and roses, pink and fragrant, lilted in the breeze. Mrs. Roeper wouldn’t have any of it when she was here. There were always too many bees a-buzzing round the peonies, sparrows dropping waste on the chair next to the bronze bird bath, marring the very idea of what she felt a garden should be [Read more…]

The Next Coming Race

When the Ministry of Transportation archaeologist discovers an underground chamber in the way of subway expansion excavations, he calls Molly McBride for assistance. What they discover is a second ante-chamber and a powerful, potentially dangerous device, purposely hidden underground by its creators. Exactly who created the device and for what purpose is the mystery Molly and her colleagues must solve. [Read more…]

The Mystery of the Missing Mill

Originally published in Arch Notes 95(3):36-39. The Ontario Archaeological Society Inc.: Ontario.

Historical research at best is not easy–the archives never hold the documents you are looking for, and if they do, it’s never early enough in the historic record; books and other documents, the documents you know hold the key to your research, always seem to go missing; and the people at the land registry office never understand why anybody would ever want to look at two hundred year old records [Read more…]

The Bruce County Board of Education: Excavations at the Mason Family Cabin Site

Originally published in The Second Annual Archaeological Report of Ontario. AARO Vol 2, 1991, 95(3):36-39.

Between 30 May and 6 June 1990, a successful small-scale field school was operated on the Mason Family Cabin Site (BeHh-8). The excavation was sponsored by the Bruce County Board of Education with additional funding by The Ontario Heritage Foundation to support faunal and artefact analysis as well as report preparation. The field school was directed by Elise Marla Sherman [Read more…]

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