Addison Haney finds herself in a psychiatric ward with amnesia after suffering an unknown traumatic event. Upon returning home from a woman’s shelter under the care of Seph, her assigned social worker, Addison finds a matchbook sending her to Stoker’s, a local Goth club where she crosses paths with Piers. Addie feels a powerful connection to Piers that she can’t explain, and she’s sure their relationship predates her amnesia, but no-one, neither Piers, nor Seph, nor Piers’ lackey, Percival, is talking.

Addison embarks on a quest to figure out who she was and her life begins to unravel. Addison suffers from a strange photosensitivity to the sun, Piers is never around during the day, Percival knows more than he’s letting on, and Seph—with whom she also feels a deep and powerful connection—is not registered with social services. If that’s not bad enough, people around her start to die horrible, bloody deaths.

What, exactly, was her life like before the amnesia? Who are Piers, Seph, and Percival? What is the deep, dark secret they are hiding from her? More importantly, how are the misty cloud of fog following her, the string of murders, and Addison all connected?

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