Urban Fantasy

Valkyrie Playbook

Valkyrie Playbook

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Sixteen-year-old Hilda has thought she was living with a mental illness for most of her life, but all of that changes when she meets Tyler, who claims to be einherjar, one of Viking god Odin's warriors.

Tyler tries to convince Hilda that she's a valkyrie, a supernatural, Norse being, responsible for culling the dead who are worthy of fighting alongside Odin and his wife, Freya, in the end of days battle of Ragnarök.

Hilda has a hard time believing Tyler's story at first, but when he helps her astral project to Sessrúmnir, Freya's domain in the afterworld, she realizes she has a role to play in the fate of the planet.

Can she prevent the world from suffering its catastrophic fate once Ragnarök has begun?

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