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My To Be Read list is growing by leaps and bounds with new titles being added almost daily. I’m still accepting requests for reviews, but I thought I’d share my list with you so you can keep track of where your book is in the list. I will continue to email once I’ve written the review.

Please note that I am no longer receiving queries for book reviews. Please check back here in the future as I will be open for queries once I’ve been able to shorten my list a bit.


Requests for March 2015

Now Reading:  The Xerces Factor

Requests for April 2015

The Guardian, A Sword, and Stillettos

Take Back the Memory


Ashes of Richmond

Vlad the Impaler and the Women He Loved


Pretty Dancer

The First Seal

Heaven’s Invitation

The Mango Tree

The Mansion’s Twins

Death Cup of Tea

Dragon Zoo

Raven of Dusk

Requests for May 2015

At the Sharp End of Lightening



Growing Pains

Big Fish

The Secret Keeper

Astro is Down in the Dumps

The Ring of Khaoriphea

Dying Embers

Lunar Rampage

Inevitable Ascension


The Olive Picker


Requests for June 2015

Aliens Are Real

King’s Warrior

Fatal Eclipse

This Mirror in Me

Ash-rise of the Republic


Between Death and Heaven

5 Suns Saga

The Last Dropped

Remotely Unplugged

Requests for July 2015

Max and Jack in France

Pharoah’s Cat

Operation Dynamo

Diamones Trilogy


Il Bel Centro

Mama Cried


The Dressmaker

Rarity from the Hollow

Requests for August 2015

Molly Lee

Genius Summer

When They Shine Brightest

Thorn Bearer


America Inc.

March to November


Bachelor’$ Marriage


Life Lessons from Grandpa

Emerald Green

Salvation’s Dawn

Golden Shadows


Life’s Defeat

Requests for September 2015

Benji’s Portal

The Game Changer

The Legacy of Tallow Manor

New Megiddo Rising

Imogene of the Pacific Kingdom

Peripheral: Tales of Horror at a Glance

Shadow’s Story

Operation Dynamo

Requests for October 2015

Five of a Kind

Next Stop: Nina

Stephen the Impala

The Last Night


Shiver Cove, Part 1: Tamyra

Breaking the Silence

Auburn: Outcasts and Underdogs

The Krakow Klub

Spirit of the Wind

There’s Always Adventures in Love

Requests for November 2015

Just a Little Bit of Love

Kelligan’s Call

I Am Sleepless Sim 299

Quote of the Day

Pleased to Meet You

East African Friday Feature

Evanthia’s Gift

Eric and the Woolly Jumpers

Requests for December 2015

Just a Little Bit of Love

Jungle Eyes

A Christmas Kerril

Beyond the Gardens

The Pirate Train and the Crater of Diamonds

Broken Buckets

A Soul Divided

Summer Maiden

Requests for January 2016

My Little Piece of Sunshine

Krim Du Shaw


Child of the Sun

Demon Princess

The Dragon Throne














8 thoughts on “Review Queue

  1. DJ Thomas

    Good Morning Britbear’s Book Reviews,

    I hope all is well! I am reaching out to you as I have recently written a
    children’s book with a story-line inside that is within the children’s
    genre and am inquiring on a wonderful review of yours.

    My three children (ages 4, 7, and 3 months) LOVE “Wild Kratts” on PBS and
    with the help of the kids inspiring me to write a series based on one of
    their loving stuffed animals; The Adventures of Monte was created.

    In this book: “The Adventures of Monte – Monte Travels the Rainforest,”
    Monte introduces children to the exotic animals of the tropics through an
    adventurous story filled with vibrant images and tons of real life facts
    about the animals of the tropics.

    I understand your schedule may hinder you from replying so soon, however,
    If you have a brief moment, please let me know as currently, the book is
    in a promo and is FREE until 9/24. I have provided the link below for
    your to take a peek at.

    Thank you kindly for your time and consideration, and have a wonderful
    week ahead!

    With sincere gratitude,

    D.J. Thomas

    1. britbear Post author

      Hi, DJ

      I’d be happy to take a look at your book. Please forward me a MOBI or PDF and I’ll add it to my review queue. It may take a while, though, as there are quite a few books ahead of yours on the list. Please send the files to



  2. Cristina Deptula

    Hi Elise, this is Cristina Deptula with Authors, Large and Small. We’re a startup literary publicity company that’s a green business and we hire people with disabilities to do part time Internet research work from home. And we work with a variety of authors, including some who could be a good fit for your blog.

    Please feel free to let me know if any of these interest you and I will have the authors send you review copies.

    Thank you,


    Locker Rooms, by Patty Lesser.

    Like most people, Alida has contemplated one of life’s biggest mysteries: What happens to your soul when you die? What if it is stolen by a cruel demon, and your eternity’s resting place becomes an empty locker in a secret cavern? What if the biblical hell was a real place, where real people suffered unspeakably? It is real, and it is a horrifying place, where the souls of good people are imprisoned with no hope for escape or rescue … until Alida appears. Putting her life in jeopardy, Alida battles a wicked demon and even the true devil to win the right to free the souls and return them to their own graves, where they can rest in peace. Locker Rooms is a story of love and hate, friends and enemies, religion and history, and the eternal battle between good and evil. It tells the story of a lost woman who changes her life when she saves the souls of good people being imprisoned by a demon for his own narcissistic pleasure. What she experiences in the process will change her life forever.

    Rebeckah Davis’ fantasy Claire Voyant.
    Claire Voyant has plans when she turns eighteen. She wants to change her name and go off to college, being as normal as possible. But when her grandmother mysteriously dies, Claire learns that her name wasn’t some sort of practical joke, but a clue to the magic her future holds. Suddenly she is surrounded by ghosts, realizing that her calling, before she even knew it, was to help lost spirits. But one spirit wants to cause trouble for Claire and until she figures out how to control her gift, he might just take her life.

    Jennifer Ott’s Desperate Moon, historical romance. (YA or adult)
    Countess Katerina Vaduva roams Eastern Europe as a vampire for nearly six hundred years experiencing the horrors of mortal man – wars, plagues, genocide and torture. For centuries, she seeks shelter and security in the castles of counts and sultans. When her husband the Count of Slovakia passes, she pursues a new life with a colonel in the Prussian military. While her husband quests victory at battle, Katerina desires a naturalist scientist who seduces her with knowledge and a greater understanding of herself, for this she will risk everything for the one thing she never had – immortal love and the pursuit of progress. This novel humanizes vampires and the monsters/outcasts and shows centuries of human history from an outside perspective.

    Joy Coates’ Integrity: An Obsidian Guardians novel. Fantasy novel for teens and adults. Audra moves to the small town of Integrity to get away from everyone and be anonymous. There, she discovers that there’s truth to the legend of gargoyles coming to life to protect certain people, who have certain destinies to protect the balance of the universe. Her guardian, Castile, failed to protect his past charges, but can he succeed with Audra? This paranormal suspense is part of a series.

    Hazel Boyd’s Love Diaries.
    Local Boston author Hazel Boyd’s Love Diaries are finely crafted literary fiction pieces, illustrating through characters and situations grounded in real life what it takes to grow and maintain a relationship.
    Hazel’s characters, professional adults with lives and careers, experience various stages of love, from first attraction to long-lasting marriages. They face various hurdles, including the common issues of having feelings for someone who doesn’t return them, finding someone who does, deciding how and when to start a family, and figuring out how to share space and make everything work long term. Others face more serious problems such as infidelity and domestic violence and trauma from past child sexual abuse.

    Hazel intends her writing to be authentic but also offer some hope for survivors of difficult situations. Abuse isn’t just something that happens to those ‘other’ kinds of people – those from all walks of life can face it, and can overcome through the power of love and resilience.
    Some of her couples are straight, others are LGBT, and her intention is to show how all couples deal with ups and downs and struggles and joys within relationships, regardless of orientation. These novels also show the same events from multiple, alternating perspectives. Hazel actually wrote the second of her two books, Wanted You More, to give back story on several of the characters while moving the plot forward so that readers can better understand everyone’s point of view. Through this we can explore how our perceptions and personalities shape our views of reality. We also can go beyond the clichéd advice and truly see why communication is so necessary for building and maintaining common ground.

    The Shoebox by Tracy Ploch. New adult novel with humorous anecdotes comparing the relationships in a woman’s life (guys she dates, friends, family, etc) to shoes. Main character is young and works in Dublin, Ireland but the story could really take place anywhere.

    Maggi Craft’s romance The Price of Love. (YA or adult)
    Arden Simms — an average twenty-five-year-old med student — is headstrong, independent, and spends most of her time consumed by her studies. The last thing she wants is a romantic relationship that could cause her life to veer off track.
    Slayde Price is gorgeous, kind, and well on his way to fame and fortune. But the shallow people he’s surrounded by in Paris have started to bore him, and he’s contemplating a way out of his contract so he can return home.
    Their worlds collide when Arden flies to Paris to visit her sister — and finds that her selfish younger sister has struck again, leaving Arden alone in a strange city with no place to stay. When Slayde bumps into Arden, his ex-girlfriend’s sister, on a crowded street, he decides he may just want to stay in Paris a little longer.
    Before long, Arden realizes that ignoring her feelings for Slayde isn’t as easy as she’d thought it would be.
    Craft’s first in the Price of love series hooks readers with its smoldering intensity and page-turning dramatic twists.

    Marjorie Thelen’s A Far Out Galaxy, sci fi/humor/romance. (YA or adult)
    Travel on a spoofy, romantic romp from the far out Deovolante Galaxy to the Milky Way with mismatched mission commanders, Will and Vita, who are trying to save renegade planet Earth from itself. Will, a warrior king, likes to be in charge but so does Vita, queen of info tech for Deovolante, making for a rocky start to the mission. Our commanders are charged with calming the endless wars on planet Earth. But the well-intentioned mission is plagued with a series of untoward events that threaten to destroy it. Through it all, Will and Vita have to decide if they will team up to bring a successful conclusion to the mission and in the process work out their feelings for each other.

    1. britbear Post author

      Hi, Christina.

      I’m happy to look at any or all of them, but my review queue has exploded of late. I am currently working on last March’s requests, so any manuscripts you send will take me a bit of time (like maybe a year or more). If this is okay, please email me at britbear @

      In the mean time, I’m posting this with the hope that maybe some of my readers will take you up on your offer.

      Best wishes, and best of luck with your project (it sounds fabulous!),


  3. Olga Sushinsky

    Hi, Elise,

    It was nice meeting you at Toronto Waldorf School a couple of weeks ago. I wonder if you would be interested in reviewing my novel.

    I can provide you the file either in Mobi or Epub format.

    Thanks in Advance,


    My Journey by Amalie Coles

    A young happily-married woman who is stuck with a boring job travels to Israel to participate in an archaeological dig. As time passes by, she learns more about the world around her, develops a new crush, and discovers her true calling while toiling for hours under the sun, organizing shards of ancient pottery, and translating an article on the Neanderthals. Soon enough, tensions in her marriage rise, and she must decide if she’s ready to sacrifice the comfortable and familiar path for the sake of her dream. Set in different parts of Israel and full of colorful sceneries, My Journey will find place in the hearts of world travelers, archaeology lovers, and young people who are figuring out their futures.

    1. britbear Post author

      Hi, Olga.

      While I’d love to help you out, I’m kind of busy with my publishing business and I’ve had to indefinitely close my site to new requests (on which I am currently more than a year behind). I invite you to join us at the Vaughan Writers’ Club. We meet the 3rd Tuesday of every month. We’ve just begun to critique our members’ writing. Maybe you’ll find someone there that can help.

      All the best,



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