Reviews listed alphabetically by author last name


Adams, Jamie. The River of Gold. Interview posted 17 Jun 15 by Mamabear.

Albert, A.E. The Time Sphere. Guest post posted 7 Jun 15 by Mamabear.

Areaux, Michelle. Wicked Cries. Cover reveal posted 22 Oct 15 by Mamabear.

Astaire, Libi. The Moon Taker, Interview posted 25 July 15 by Mamabear.

Avera, Drew. The Twin Cities Series. Interview posted 30 Dec 14 by Mamabear.


Bautista, Yao. Only a Kiss. Review posted 16 Feb 15 and author interview posted 18 May 15 by Mamabear.

Beck, Heather. Frostbitten. Review posted 21 July 14 by Mamabear.

Benninton, Jeff. Reader Giveaways. Posted 8 Dec 15 by Mamabear.

Bilbrey, Lisa. Angel’s Heart: The Keeper, A Season of Change, The Journey Collection, Life’s Unexpected Gifts. Author interview posted 5 July 2015 by Mamabear.

Bramwell, Mary Ellen. The Apple of My Eye. Review posted 16 Feb 15 by Mamabear.

Buie-Collard, Lisa. The Seventh Man. Guest post posted 10 Feb 15 by Mamabear.

Burke, H.L. Beggar Magic. Author interview posted 14 Feb 15 by Mamabear.


Cadaver, P.A. Welcome to Scarecrow Hollow and The Pendleton Witches. Cover reveal posted 23 Dec 14 by Mamabear.

Card, Melanie. Ward Against Destruction (Chronicles of a Reluctant Necromancer, #4). Cover reveal posted 19 Aug 15 by Mamabear.

Carey, C. G. Temporary Problems.  Guest post posted 21 Jun 15 and interview posted 29 Jul 15 by Mamabear.

Carey, Lorraine. The Last Vestal Virgin. Author interview posted 5 Dec 14 by Mamabear.

Carling, Angela. The Secret Keeper. Cover Reveal posted on 5 May 15 by Mamabear.

Charles, Samantha. Redemption: A Parson’s Gap Story. Guest post posted 28 Feb 15 by Mamabear. Review posted 13 June 15 by Mamabear.

Clafin, Stacy. Gone. Excerpt posted 11 Feb 15 by Mamabear.

Collings, John. Hell and God and Nuns with Rulers. Review posted 31 Jul 15 by Mamabear.


Daigle, Arthur. William Bradshaw, King of the Goblins. Guest post posted 22 Feb 15, author interview posted 29 Mar 15 and review posted 5 May 15 by Mamabear.

Dashner, James. The Maze Runner. Review posted 3 Aug 15 by Britbear.

DiBenedetto, J.J. Dream Student. Author interview posted 13 Feb 15 by Mamabear.

DiBenedetto, J.J. Dream Wedding and Dream Fragments. Cover reveal posted 2 Sept 15 by Mamabear.


Edmonds, David C. Lily of Peru. Cover reveal posted 18 Feb 15 by Mamabear.

Eggleton, Robert. Rarity from the Hollow. Excerpt posted 3 Oct 15 by Mamabear.

Eunton, C.L. The Fur Angel Series. Guest post posted 9 Feb 15 by Mamabear.


Fixen,  Jaima. Incognita. Guest post posted 16 Feb 15 by Mamabear.

Forman, Gayle. If I Stay. Review posted 31 Jan 15 by Britbear.

Fowler, Karen Joy. We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves. Author interview and review posted 1 Jan 15 by Mamabear.


Gilbert Stover, Joann. Laban’s Song. Author Interview posted 1 Feb 15 by Mamabear.

Gibson, Cole. Life Unaware. Blog tour stop and review posted 1 May 15 by Mamabear.

Green, Cindy K. Andrea and the 5-Day Challenge. Excerpt posted 21 Jun 15 by Mamabear.


Hager, Kristen Lindsay. Next Door to a Star. Interview posted 18 Oct 15 by Mamabear.

Halpern, Leslie C. Rub, Scrub Clean the Tub; Shakes, Cakes, Frosted Flakes; and Frogs, Hogs, Puppy Dogs. Guest post posted 2 Feb 15 by Mamabear.

Hazen, John. Journey of an American Son. Author interview posted 19 Apr 15 and review posted 18 May 15 by Mamabear.

Henderson, S.J. Daniel the Draw-er. Review posted 5 Apr 15 by Mamabear.

Hiltz, Shelley. 9 Strategies to Build & Grow Your Author Platform. Review posted 19 Oct 14 by Mamabear.

Howell, Kirby. Autumn in the City of Angels. Interview posted 29 Aug 15 by Mamabear.

Hurley, Michael C. The Vineyard. Review posted 1 Dec 14 by Mamabear.



Jones, Marianne. Great Grandma’s Gifts and The Serenity Stone Murders. Author interview posted 7 Feb 15 by Mamabear.

Joyce, Andrew. Molly Lee. Guest post posted 10 Oct 15 by Mamabear.


Kelly, Tara. The Foxglove Killings. Excerpt posted 1 Sept 15 by Mamabear.

Kidd, Sue Monk. The Invention of Wings. Review posted 17 July 14 by Mamabear.

Knight, Kathryn. Divine Fall. Interview posted 12 Jul 15 and review posted 19 Oct 15 by Mamabear.

Kushner, Marina. The Truth About Caffeine. Review posted 15 Feb 16 by Mamabear.


Landry, Marie. Take Them By Storm. Cover reveal posted 11 Nov 14 by Mamabear.

Lee, Teri. Troubled Spirits. Interview posted 15 Mar 15 and review posted 6 Aug 15 by Mamabear.

Leno, Katrina. The Half Life of Molly Pierce. Review posted 10 Aug 14 by Mamabear.

Levesko, Ed. At the End of the Day. Excerpt posted 30 June 15 by Mamabear. Long Time Passing excerpt posted 1 July 2015 by Mamabear.

Lindsay, Jeff. Dexter’s Final Cut. Review posted 22 Aug 14 by Mamabear.

Loftis, Quinn. Dream of Me. Excerpt posted 8 May 15 by Mamabear.

Love, Mark. Why 319? Review posted 22 Mar 15 and interview posted 11 Apr 15 by Mamabear.


Marie, Kay. Confessions of a Virgin Sex Columnist! Cover reveal posted 19 Mar 15 by Mamabear.

Markinson, T. B. Marionette. Book Blitz posted 8 Dec 14 by Mamabear.

Marshall, Roz. DIY e-Book Covers Design Principles for Non-Designers. Posted 1 Dec 15 by Mamabear. 

Marvel, Kathy. The Velvet Touch. Author interview posted 3 Dec 14 by Mamabear.

Maynard, Glenn. Desert Son. Author interview posted 22 Aug 15 by Mamabear.

McLendon, George. Papa’s Gift. Author Interview posted 13 Dec 14 by Mamabear.

McCharles, Randy. The Necromancer Candle. Review posted 18 July 14 by Mamabear.

Mitchell, Lisa Whitney. Fearless Joe Dearborne. Review posted 10 Nov 14 by Mamabear.

Molteni,S.A. I.T. Geek to Farm Girl Freak. Cover reveal posted 24 Oct 15 by Mamabear.

Moneypenny, D.W. Broken Realms. Review posted 1 Aug 14 by Mamabear.

Moore, David W. III. The Shroud. Review posted 2 Sept 14 by Mamabear.

Mott, Jason. The Returned. Review posted 25 Jun 14 by Mamabear.

Murrell, Princila. Girl of the Book. Review posted 10 Mar 15 and interview posted on 17 Jan 15 by Mamabear.



O’Neil, Ruth. Belonging. Author interview posted 26 Feb 15 by Mamabear.

Oshun, Ife. Blood to Blood. Review posted 11 July 15 by Mamabear.


Page, Rodney. The Xerces Factor. Author interview posted 10 May 15 by Mamabear.

Peltier, Heidi. The Delmar Shark Chronicles: Breach (Book 4). Cover Reveal posted 26 May 15 by Mamabear.

Peloquin, Andy. The Last Bucelarii (Book 1): Blade of the Destroyer. Guest post posted 8 Sept 15 and review posted 21 Aug 15 by Mamabear.

Picklewiggle, Amelia. The Adventures of Mickey Silver Mouse, Franken Cookie, Winter Mouse, Witch-O-Ween, Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, and Tessa’s Troubles. Cover reveal posted 23 Dec 14 by Mamabear.

Pople, Mark. Rogers Park. Excerpt posted 30 Jun 15 and review posted 25 Nov 15 by Mamabear.

Port, Cynthia. Kibble Talk and Dog Goner. Author interview posted 31 May 15 and review posted 8 Aug 15 by Mamabear.



Riggs, Carol. The Body Institute. Cover reveal posted 25 Mar 15 by Mamabear.

Riley, Anne. Aerie. Author interview and review posted 12 Oct 14 by Mamabear.

Roberts, Tracie. Echo: Book One in the Elan Series. Guest post posted 20 Feb 15 by Mamabear.

Rogers, Felicia. The Key: Secret Defenders Book 1. Guest post and excerpt posted 25 Oct 15 by Mamabear.

Roman, C.L. Sacrifice: Book Two of the Rephaim Series. Guest post posted 25 Feb 15 by Mamabear.

Ryan, Tom. Tag Along. Posted 23 Jan 14 by Mamabear.


Sam, Augustine. Take Back the Memories. Excerpt posted 11 July 15 by Mamabear.

Sciucco, Marianne. Blue Hydrangeas: An Alzheimer’s love story. Guest post posted 21 May 15 by Mamabear.

Skretting, Sharon. The Jewel of Peru. Cover reveal posted 26 Nov 14 by Mamabear.

Smith, Michael Marshall. The Intruders. Review posted 6 Nov 14 by Mamabear.

Swope, Joseph J. Pleasant Valley Lost. Interview posted 4 Apr 15 by Mamabear.


Thomas, Wesley. What Goes Bump in the Night? Guest post posted 5 Sept 15 by Mamabear.



Van Risseghem, Kristen D. The Guardian, a Sword, and Stilettos: The Enlighten Series (Book 1). Cover Reveal posted 15 Apr 15 by Mamabear.


Wardrop, Stephanie. Snark and Stage Fright. Book blitz posted 10 Mar 15 by Mamabear,

White, Jamie. Stains on the Soul. Guest post posted 4 Feb 15 by Mamabear.

Wolkoff, Vivian. Blood Red. Episode 1 excerpt posted 26 Apr 15, Episode 2 excerpt posted  3 May 5, and interview posted 14 Jun 15 by Mamabear.

Wolkoff, Vivian. Blood Red: Episode 2. Excerpt posted 3 May 15 by Mamabear.




Yates, Rhyannon. Catalyst. Guest post posted 23 Feb 15 by Mamabear.


Zimmerman Brackett, Charmain. Little Pearl’s Circus World. Guest post posted 27 Feb 15 by Mamabear.

Zurl, Wayne. A New Prospect. Guest post, interview, and review posted 25 Jan 15 by Mamabear.

Zurl, Wayne. From New York to the Smokies. Cover reveal posted 26 Apr 15 by Mamabear.



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