Divine Fall – a clean romance with a steamy side

rp_DivineFall250-200x300.jpgIn Kathryn Knight’s Divine Fall, Jamie meets Dothan, the handsome and mysterious stable hand, Dothan, who works at the barn where she likes to ride. They soon strike up a relationship, which worries her “adoptive” grandfather, Nathaniel, who disapproves. Dothan, it seems, isn’t the only one with a secret past, and neither one is as they seem.

Divine Fall begins with a Twilight vibe, in which a supernatural boy saves a regular girl from potential harm and they fall in love, and Fox Run, where the story takes place has some parallels with Forks, but that’s where the similarities end. There is also a Romeo and Juliet feel to it in that overprotective Nathaniel forbids Jamie from seeing Dothan, and like the infamous star-crossed lovers, they refuse to listen, which almost leads to their demise. Knight’s novel is a suspenseful page-turner. In Divine Fall, she explores a universe where Nephilim walk the earth, in a clean, romance thriller that is not without its steamy side.

I recommend Divine Fall to lovers of paranormal fiction searching for a new take on the genre. Though the protagonist is quite mature, without parents, and living on her own, teen girls will still be able to identify with her. Because the protagonist is quite mature, Knight’s novel will also appeal to readers of new adult (and adult) fiction as well. My initial comparison to Twilight aside, Divine Fall is a quick read, sure to keep you questioning Dothan’s origin, his connection to Nathaniel, and whether Jamie will choose to embrace Dothan, Nathaniel, or neither, as the story unfolds.

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Note: I was gifted an eCopy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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