Advice to Up-and-coming Writers

Today’s Indie Lights Book Parade author is Lisa Buie-Collard with her guest post, Advice to Up-and-Coming Writers.

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Genre: thriller/mystery

When a young writer is kidnapped by a man who can’t be seen, her only hope of escape rests on the one London cop who believes in ghosts.

On a cold, white, before-Christmas day, an assassin completes a job only to be pursued by police. Dodging through crowded city streets, the assassin nabs a young woman for cover.

Celia Wight, a reclusive American writer is shopping between engagements during a book tour. When a knife is pressed against her back, she loses her tenuous grasp on her carefully controlled existence.

Assigned to the homicide case, Detective Alban Thain, of the Metropolitan Police, suspects an assassin he calls the Wraith. The problem is, only Thain believes the assassin exists. Disregarding the consequences, Thain, who is the only one who believes there is a connection between the murder and the kidnapping, will do whatever it takes to exploit the Wraith’s first and only mistake: the kidnapping of an innocent bystander—if she is innocent.

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Advice to Up-and-coming Writers

First: the old cliché, write, write and then write some more is still valid, and will always be, however, there is so much more to it than that these days.  Whether or not you are published by traditional means or Indie published, an author must take on the marketing.  Be aware of this.  Also: for those looking at Indie publishing: Write not only the best story you can but hire a professional editor. Pay to have the inside and outside of your novel formatted properly.  There are SO many ‘Self Published’ books out there that aren’t up to snuff.  Getting past bad writing, multiple typos, and structure that limps is too difficult to ask from anyone who doesn’t know you.  If you are serious about writing and gaining a readership beyond your friends and family, if you want to be picked up by a ‘traditional’ publishing house, be professional and invest.  Indy published titles have an uphill climb because there are so many out there that are NOT professional.  Pay to have the e-book formatted properly as well.

Second: Don’t give up.  Only you can make it happen.  Sounds trite but the truth is, if you don’t invest sweat equity in your idea/story, no one else will do it for you.

Third: Make use of social media to build yourself a name. And blog. Especially use ‘blog hops.’  That’s what they’re there for.  Go online and research reader blogs. Readers are your friends and hopefully, customers. Two I would recommend for anyone are:


On these you will find two of the best “writing/artists” communities out there on the web.

And finally: Write and learn about marketing, in that order.  Pace yourself, always set aside time for writing, no matter what you do with the rest of your day. Research counts only if it furthers the writing. And don’t ever forget to pat yourself on the back for taking on the challenge of writing. Good luck!

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collardAbout Lisa Buie-Collard:

I am a writer, mother, wife, sister, and daughter. I’ve been a server, dental assistant, teacher, journalist, and gardener. I love to travel and speak French. I’m from north Florida, but now abide in Georgia. I write full time and have completed six novels. Writing is life, life is writing…

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