Phase Shift

Phase Shift
Genres: Adult, Adventure, Anthropology, Archaeology, Fiction, Forensics, Science Fiction
Publisher: EMSA Publications
Publication Year: 2012

When Molly McBride, archaeologist and professor of archaeology at the University of Toronto is given an artifact by a museum patron that allows her to travel between this world and another slightly out of phase from ours she discovers that the practice of shifting between worlds is harmful to both environments. But there are people on both planets reluctant to stop this practice. Can Molly convince them to change their ways before it’s too late?

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About the Book

When Archaeologist and University of Toronto Professor Molly McBride is given a strange collection of artifacts by a museum patron, she feels compelled to investigate. She discovers that one of the artifacts is the key to another world, a doppelganger Earth called Gaia. Life on Gaia seems idyllic at first, but Molly soon learns the society harbours a dark secret. Renegades on Gaia have built a stronghold on Earth in which they are able to carry out experiments with terraforming and phase shifting. But the more the renegades shift, the more damage they do to both planets, and the gap between the planets narrows. Can Molly and her Gaian allies prevent the impending cataclysm?

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